“I do not rule Russia, ten thousand clerks do.” Emperor Nicholas II of Russia

A key aspect of good governance is simply knowing what to prioritize. In Malaysia and everywhere else, there are only so many civil servants to go around, and only so much taxpayer money to fund their endeavors. Recently, I found myself questioning the priorities of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

It was reported that 84 notices had recently been handed out to food and beverage premises for charging more than RM1 for water. The Consumers’ Association of Penang agreed with the crackdown. …

During his latest appearance on the Joe Rogan Show, Eric Weinstein reveals details about his friendship with Isadore Singer — celebrated mathematician and former chair of the Committee of Science & Public Policy at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). According to Weinstein, his friendship with Singer became strained after confronting Singer about a discovery he’d made that the NAS faked a shortage of scientists and engineers after determining that the cost of employing them was getting too high.

As Weinstein tells it, the NAS in 1986 had conjured up a demographic supply crisis that eventually led to the passage…

In 2020 as in 1776, America must begin with independence, and from that higher vantage point of peace and tranquility, work together on a plan for a better nation. This time around, it’s not an oppressive monarchy we’re declaring independence from, but it might as well be.

The Republican and Democratic parties have become every bit the corrupt, plundering agents of destruction any despot could endeavor to be. …

“Every four years, Americans come together to bully their neighbors. Government forces losing voters to submit. Media cheers on the bullying.” — Judd Weiss

Declare your independence from the duopoly

If you love America, you will abandon your political party now. Not your beliefs, not your values, not your principles — only your party.

If you think America’s founding fathers spoke wisely about the dangers of factionalism, you will abandon your party now.

If you think our two-party system combined with 21st century technology makes America uniquely vulnerable to ideological subversion and psychological warfare from America’s foreign adversaries, you will abandon your party now.

Washington’s second inauguration

One of the most common criticisms leveled against the Unity2020 campaign concerns the requirement that the two candidates be drafted from the “center-left” and the “center-right”. To most people, the idea of a candidate from the center-left or center-right is uninspiring. Anyone who appreciates the dangers we face as a nation does not want a milquetoast version of the leader who is supposed to guide us through increasingly dark times. As the saying sometimes goes, “Why would I want Republican/Democrat-light when I can have the original?”

Looking at history, the people who have really changed the world for the better…

A perfect fit for the center-right side of the Unity ticket.

If there is one trait that Donald Trump and Joe Biden share as politicians, it is their cocksure and half-cocked tendency to bloviate and bluster from behind a podium. They both have just one speed: macho. They get carried away with new words (“Malarkey!”) and phrases (“Billions and billions!”), that for some reason get mileage with certain groups despite not being that novel or accurate.

Bipartisan, bold, different

A candidate with the polar opposite demeanor of Trump and Biden would provide excellent contrast and much-needed relief to Americans, who, having lived through the political soap opera of at least the last five years…

Unity2020 should resist the temptation to nominate high political name ID candidates for two key reasons:

1. High name-ID candidates will distract from the overall movement.

2. High name-ID candidates are more likely to carry “deal breaker” baggage.

There’s no question that the success or failure of the #Unity2020 candidacy will depend on our willingness to cull sacred cows from both sides of the political aisle. In that spirit, we have to be flexible around the issues that we know reasonable, patriotic Americans often disagree on. …

Our society has come to resemble our two-party system, complete with all its neuroses. Have you noticed how often we are presented with binary scenarios that don’t reflect reality? Even official political debates are littered with loaded questions punctuated by a request for a yes or no response.

To our corporate, media, and political leaders, everything has become mutually exclusive. Black and white. Good versus evil. On the right side of history or not. Here’s a small sampling of reasonable beliefs that get packaged as bullshit false choices from which we’re forced to pick a side:

America still struggles with…

It only took about 72 hours for Karen Wang — Liberal Party candidate for Canadian parliament — to have her campaign (and life) turned upside down.

I confess I don’t know a great deal about Mrs. Wang. A snippet from her Facebook page identifies her as a #TeamTrudeau candidate for Burnaby South. Her website has been taken down, and internet search results are inundated with news of her now-infamous WeChat post, so it’s not easy to find an objective biography of Mrs. Wang prior to her fall from grace.

From what I could find, Mrs. Wang was born in Shiyan…

Define patriotism.

Is it love for one’s country?

Define love.

Is it buying a dozen roses or a box of Ghirardelli chocolates? Hopefully you don’t think that.

Americans are constantly parodied for being so patriotic. We’re proud of the good ole U.S. of A, damn it, and we’re not afraid to let people know.

Me too. I’m known for giving American flags and pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution to foreign friends as gifts (sorry, guys). I’m a proud member of the Sons of the American Revolution. My dad served two tours in Vietnam. And I believe Rick Monday is…

Dan Jones

Native Arizonan, small business owner, holder of opinions you’ll probably disagree with.

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